Removal of unwanted hair on women is currently a viable area of research in the cosmetic industry. Ladies are more conscious about their looks like never before and this necessity has spawned interest in looking for ways to at least reduce unwanted hair on ladies.

Remember when you went out to the beach and your bikini line didn’t look too good and you got those glances that make you want to run for the hills? Or when you realize a bit of a moustache is erupting on your upper lip? Many of us have probably experienced those ‘bad hair days’. But rejoice for I have just the solution for you.


A moustache is never ever welcome on a woman but due to non-modifiable factors e.g. genetics or aging, it’s bound to pop up. Initially, there was shaving but it would leave the upper lip looking stubbly and the hair would re-grow coarser. Then came waxing but it was painful and left small, beady blisters on a reddened upper lip. A plethora of creams followed but many ladies found them too strong on their sensitive lips. We even tried laser and electrolysis treatment with considerable success but still there what we needed was something we could do in the comfort of our bathrooms.

Enter Threading. Many women claim that it’s the best way to remove upper lip hair. It’s done in salons but you can learn how to do it right here, let me take you through the concept. The hair gets twisted and spun into the thread and you gently yank it off your face. It might be difficult for you to visualize the procedure, so you may want to have it done in a salon first if you’re not getting the full gist of what needs to happen.

This is how it’s done: “To start take about 24 inches of thread length. Take both ends and tie them, together in a knot. You’ll have a circle of thread when you’re done tying the ends together. Next hold the thread with both hands and wind them around (loop around) your hands about ten times. Then place the thread around the fingers of both hands. Push the part that is wound up towards one hand by widening the fingers of one hand and at the same time closing the fingers of the other hand. Use an alternating “open/close” motion with opposite hands. By opening the fingers of the closed hand and closing the fingers of the other hand, you’re pushing the wound portion in the other direction. It will take some practice. Keep pushing the wound up portion back and forth until you are able to push it back and forth easily. Once you have the hang of it, you might be ready to start practicing on a body part. Don’t use the upper lip as a practice point. Try the leg or some other body part that is easily accessible”

Bikini line shaving.

Bikini shaving, if done correctly, leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking beautiful but if not, you may end up with stubbly skin in a very sensitive area. To do it appropriately you need a fresh razor blade (dull blades cause extra irritation as you have to swipe at skin repeatedly), shaving gel/cream and baby oil. Before you shave take a warm shower to soften the hair. Then apply shaving cream specific for thin, sensitive skin around the bikini line generously and shave gently. Moisturize your skin with baby oil thereafter to reduce razor-burn irritation and to promote healing of any ingrown hair.

Laser hair treatment

This technique targets the hair follicle and involves directing a laser beam to the hair follicle to destroy it while. Laser hair removal at home is very easy and efficient. This guarantees hair-free skin on the treated region permanently. Laser is preferably used in the light-skinned with dark hair as dark skin will absorb much of the laser beam energy resulting in potential skin damage. As a precaution don’t dye, trim or sun-bleach hair and avoid tanning prior to laser treatment as this would absorb much of the ionizing laser beams making it ineffective. If your skin is fair to dark you could try the Tria which is a laser hair removal device specifically made for such skin.


This method involves pulling out the hair by the root. Epilating requires an epilator to grab a bunch of hair and, with one swift swipe, pull it all out at once. This technique will leave your skin hairless for 2-8 weeks but your hair follicles will be sore from the rough treatment. You definitely don’t want to do this on sensitive skin because it can be quite painful.


This works much like laser hair treatment but involves directing a current to the hair follicle to kill it. It also guarantees permanent hair removal.